Ardavan Khoshnood

اردوان خوشنود

Born in Iran. Raised in Norway and Sweden. Here, you have an academic with high interest in societal questions. I am a physician and a criminologist with degrees in both political science as well as intelligence analysis.

My name is Ardavan Khoshnood and I was born on April 1982 in Tehran, Iran. When I was born, Iran had a few years earlier witnessed an Islamic revolution that turned the country from a modern monarchy to an Islamic republic, a theocracy. Two years before I was born, a brutal war had also broken between Iran and Iraq. No one knew then that the war would last for eight years.

In the late 80’s, my mother, together with me and my little brother, left Iran and reunited with our father in Norway. In the mid 80’s, my father had left Iran after combating the newly established Islamic theocracy. Until 1999 we lived in Norway when we moved to Malmö and Sweden.

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